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Mikey Silas ( Apostle Jones)

Mikey Silas ( Apostle Jones)

September 14, 2020

MIKEY SILAS is a Chicago and Cleveland area based singer-songwriter, entertainer and producer. A diverse & versatile singer, keyboard player and is deeply, motivated and influenced by performers like Benjamin Clementine, Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, Patti LaBelle, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Isaac Hayes, Elton John, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.

Mikey is currently a song-writing and singing force for the band APOSTLE JONES. In addition to music, he is an accomplished film and stage actor, accompanist, vocal/song coach, producer and community organizer.



Mikey talks, dealing with the arduous years that we have come to know as 2020, his musical journey, his history in drama and theater, teaching, Apostle Jones and their new release Lilith.


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Matt Moody

Matt Moody

May 29, 2020

Matt Moody is a singer-songwriter from Cleveland, OH. Blending alternative rock with elements of western and neo-soul, his style evokes a fresh take on what some might consider an un-orthodox 90's pop sound.



Matt Talks Dealing with the COVID-19 Outbreak, The start of his musical journey,Home recording, and the importance of indulging and learning new skills!  



Matt's Next Show is May 31 8PM On Virtual Shows CLE 




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Taylor Lamborn

Taylor Lamborn

May 27, 2020

Taylor Lamborn

Taylor Lamborn, credits her sound to years spent immersing herself in Cleveland's diverse music scene. A musician at heart from an early age, it wasn’t until her early twenties that Lamborn began performing her original material. In 2012, she moved to NEOhio and has since been collaborating with musicians and honing her craft.

With a self-declared "late start" in the music world, Lamborn has worked tirelessly to catch up on lost time. She has released a number of live singles, three projects, toured internationally as a solo artist, and worked locally with Cleveland legends. Lamborn captivates audiences with her emotive performances. She has played a variety of venues, radio stations, and festivals throughout the continental US. She has notably been sought out by Producers of ABC’s American Idol 2014 and 2015 to be part of show, won Cleveland's 2013 Warner Brothers showcase at House of Blues, and was featured as Taylor Guitar's "Player of the Week".

Lamborn proudly calls Cleveland Ohio her home. When in town she works as an artist, performer, and consultant on vocal arrangement and songwriting



Taylor's Next gig is May 29th 8PM on Virtual Shows CLE!



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Liz Bullock

Liz Bullock

May 24, 2020

 Liz Bullock singer songwriter from Cleveland OH. Liz is currently performing with The Tremonts and other local music acts such as Whiskey Hollow, and M.Moody. She is studying music therapy at Cleveland State University and is starting her internship at UH University Hospital.


Liz Talks, Dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, her musical journey, music therapy, the academic and gig routes to a career in music, Whiskey Hollow, M.Moody, the Tremonts, and the importance of artist growth !


Liz's Next gig is May 31 Virtual Shows CLE 8pm





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The Scenic Route

The Scenic Route

May 21, 2020

The Scenic Route is a Female fronted alt rock covers and originals chasing dreams on a musical journey toward national recognition.


Rachel Crozier (lead vocalist),Sam Merendino (drums), Dominic Merlitti- (lead guitar) Talk dealing with the COVID-19 out break, Their musical journeys, The band history, spinal tap moments, and the importance of clear communication!


The Scenic Route is playing a full band live stream Saturday May 23 from Audio Bay Studios !

The The Scenic Route is releasing a new single June 19th on all streaming platforms !


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Jeri Sapronetti of  Time Cat

Jeri Sapronetti of Time Cat

May 20, 2020

Jeri Sapronetti is a Akron based singer/Song writer, who fronts the band Time Cat.

Time Cat formed as a 2-piece rock band in 2011 by guitarist/singer Jeri Sapronetti and drummer Sam Caler after they met at the legendary "Jam Nite" hosted by Sapronetti in their mutual hometown, Akron, Ohio. They went on to record their first full-length album "Your City" and toured across the country multiple times on self-booked tours, having lots of crazy adventures with wild Americans.
Upon returning from a 30-city tour in 2014, luck would bring multi-instrumentalist Colten Huffman on bass, which brought much needed depth to the duo's raw sound. In late 2018, with no discussion whatsoever, guitarist Donald Alan (The Tenants, Blond Boy Grunt and The Groans) began jamming with the trio adding a new dynamic with incendiary licks and inter-weaving rhythms.
With an ever developing sound, Time Cat has become one of Northeast Ohio's premier rock bands. With influences like Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and Jefferson Airplane, listeners are quickly immersed in a world that is familiar, yet completely new. In their time, they've had the incredible privilege of opening for the likes of Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders, Juliette Lewis, Muse, AFI, and Fantastic Negrito.
Jeri, Talks philosophy, music , green tea, Time Cat,  the COVID-19 Out break, Bad dogs, butts, and Bob Dylan
 Jeri's Next show is Friday on Virtual Shows CLE 8pm May 22
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Brandon Postman

Brandon Postman

May 12, 2020

Brandon Postman is a multi-instrumentalist and autodidact, most often credited as a singer, guitarist, and bassist. He hails from Chardon, Ohio. He polished his craft as a musician by busking on street corners, an act he took across the country in Summer 2018.


Brandon Talks, dealing with the COVID-19 out break, 8 bit jams, his musical Journey, Virtual Mic Nights, The postman press, Love Fest, and The meaning of Post man !  


Brandon's Next show Friday Virtual shows Cle SHOW LINK!



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Lea Marra

Lea Marra

May 10, 2020


Lea Marra is a singer/songwriter from the Cleveland area who has been writing and performing music since the age of 10. Most of her songs are influenced by inspirations of nature as well as her relationships in the world. She hopes her music brings you something you can feel and heal with.


Lea Talks Dealing with the COVID-19 out break, Her musical journey, working/ playing with the Tom Katlees, and the Dream Catchers, Songwriting, secret projects, Farting phones, and Love Fest!


Lea's next show is  Friday MAY-15TH-2020 on Virtual shows CLE 8PM




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Love Fest: Live Stream Music, Art ,Vendors June 27th 2020 5-PM-10PM Tune in !

Love Fest 

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C-Level special vol.4 Feat:Pat Bo- Boland

C-Level special vol.4 Feat:Pat Bo- Boland

May 4, 2020

C-Level special vol.4 Feat:Pat Bo- Boland

Coda, and Zig are joined by Pat ! They talk about Pat's Musical journey, and hash out some segments!

Eliy Orcko :2020

Eliy Orcko :2020

May 2, 2020

Eliy Orcko

Former skate punk Eliy Orcko was born in a small town west of Cleveland, OH. His family relocated to South Florida where he spent a majority of his formative years. His first outlet in music started out in the punk scene in South Florida that quickly pushed him into the hardcore & post hardcore genre as he developed. Eliy constantly expresses he had no interest of being anything until recently, finding much of himself in his current years rapping after a long time of “bumming” around the west coast and coming back to Ohio to collect himself. Eliy’s music is a mixture of Hiphop, Soul, Jazz, Indie, Punk, and Folk pulling from influences like Mos Def to Bon Iver, Jeff Rosenstock, Kid Cudi, The Ink Spots, Kanye West and BloodStone. Allot of vocal melodies shine in Eliy’s music that gives him a different sound than most artist in the “Hiphop” genre, really giving him a sound of his own to hone in on while still using the classic boom bap format. Eliy is a very versatile artist with allot of content, and creativity willing to explore new sounds & mediums to grow and develop as an over all artist.



Eliy talks, his new album Party with my demons, The start of the COVID-19 out break, tours, video game development , his musical journey, and the importance of self belief !


Eliy has a new EP coming out  on Band camp May-8th -2020 and it will be on everything else May-15th -2020

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