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Alex Hall

Alex Hall

June 9, 2021

Zig At The Gig with Alex Hall of Alex Hall's Figure head, Summit Sky and formally of Aliver Hall

The Northeast Ohio-based progressive rock band Alex Hall’s Figurehead has a new release Johnny, its the first new album in four years from Alex!

New album Johnny Out now! On all streaming platforms

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Silvr & Tuune

Silvr & Tuune

June 7, 2021

Zig At The Gig with Silvr & Tuune

Homeless Atlanta local Tuune and Cleveland local Silvr are hosting a benefit concert to raise money for St .Herman House - Cleveland June 12 ,2021 at Kerruish Park from 2:00 PM-7:00 PM . There will be free food ,music , entertainment , raffles, and vendors who will all be donating a percentage of their merch sales to St.Herman House. Tunne and Silvr became homeless after selling all of their belongings in order to tour the U.S. and promote their soon to be released single"RockYoBody". They understood that though they had made a conscious decision to give up everything and be homeless in order to pursue their dreams , that was not the case for everyone. Read more in links below


Support on

JUNE 12TH 7 AM-2 PM Kerruish Park Cleveland OH !!


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Richard Lloyd of Television

Richard Lloyd of Television

June 2, 2021

Zig At The Gig with Richard Lloyd of Television Best known for his work with the ground-breaking group Television, Richard Lloyd is a strikingly gifted guitarist who has created an impressive body of work both as a frontman and as a collaborator with other musicians. Capable of bold, angular patterns as well as elegant, languid melodic lines, Lloyd first found acclaim for his work on Television's first two albums, Marquee Moon (1977) and Adventure (1978). Lloyd's solo career took a while to take off as he struggled with personal demons, but with 1985's Field of Fire, a highly personal and explosive set, he reaffirmed his status as a major talent. Lloyd impressed audiences as a sideman in his work with John Doe (1990's Meet John Doe) and Matthew Sweet (1991's Girlfriend and 1993's Altered Beast), and he helped to revive the influential pre-punk band Rocket from the Tombs with a series of live shows as well as the 2003 album Rocket Redux. And in the 2000s and 2010s, Lloyd put a new emphasis on his solo career with albums such as The Cover Doesn't Matter (2000), The Jamie Neverts Story (2009), and Countdown (2018).

read more here https://www.allmusic.com/artist/richard-lloyd-mn0000351053/biography

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https://www.richardlloyd.com/ https://www.facebook.com

/The-Official-Richard-Lloyd-Fan-Page-126158157415048/ https://twitter.com/richardlloyd206?lang=en


Richard's book https://plowboyrecords.com/


Adele Bertei

Adele Bertei

May 26, 2021

Adele Bertei was born in Cleveland, Ohio, daughter of an Italian immigrant and a ballroom dance instructor.  She became a ward of the state in 1967, with the rest of her childhood years spent in foster homes and reformatories in the greater Cleveland area. Emancipated at 17, she worked a series of jobs including OT assistant at a Veteran’s Hospital, and as one of the first women to work on the assembly line at the Ford Motors plant in Lorain, Ohio in 1973.

Her career in music began as singer/guitarist in a rock band called Peter and the Wolves, performing at longshoremen and biker bars in Cleveland. The premature death of bandmate, the legendary Peter Laughner of Pere Ubu resulted in Bertei's move to New York in 1977, where she quickly became a pivotal figure in a counter-cultural movement of art, film, music, and literature. She was an original member of the critically lauded Contortions, produced by Brian Eno on the seminal No New York record. Reading prose and poetry, she opened for writers such as William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and Kathy Acker among many others. Bertei acted in several underground films, including a lead role in Born In Flames by Lizzie Borden, films by Scott & Beth B., and films by Irish filmmaker Vivienne Dick. She’s been the subject of artists and photographers Kiki Smith, Richard Prince, Nan Goldin, Zoe Leonard, and David La Chappelle.

Bertei has toured the world as a musician with her band, the Bloods – one of America’s first all-girl bands – and as backing singer with Tears for Fears. She has performed and recorded as a backing vocalist for artists such as Thomas Dolby, Culture Club, Whitney Houston, Sandra Bernhard, and Matthew Sweet among others. She released records as a solo artist with both the Geffen and Chrysalis labels and has had international dance and pop hits with Thomas Dolby (“Hyperactive!”) and Jellybean (“Just a Mirage”). Bertei has written songs for artists as diverse as Peter Laughner, Thomas Dolby, Scritti Politti, Sheena Easton, Arthur Baker, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Matthew Sweet, Lydia Lunch, the Pointer Sisters,  Jellybean Benitez, and the Anubian Lights.



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David Thomas of Pere Ubu

David Thomas of Pere Ubu

May 19, 2021


David Thomas  is an American singer, songwriter and musician.He was one of the founding members of the short-lived proto-punkers Rocket from the Tombs (1974–1975), in which he played under the moniker "Crocus Behemoth," and of post-punk group Pere Ubu (1975–present, intermittently). He has also released several solo albums.

Though primarily a singer, he sometimes plays melodeon, trombone, musette, guitar or other instruments.Thomas has described his artistic focus as being the "gestalt of culture, geography and sound" Common themes crop up throughout much of his work, such as the US Interstate Highway system, images of roadside or "junk" tourist culture, Brian Wilson, AM radio, and many others.Thomas has a distinctive, high pitched voice; Emerson Dameron described Thomas's singing as "James Stewart trapped in an oboe",and Greil Marcus writes, "Mr Thomas's voice is that of a man muttering in a crowd. You think he's talking to himself until you realize he's talking to you


Pere Ubu is an American rock group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975. Despite a variety of long-term and recurring band members, singer David Thomas is the only constant. They released their debut album The Modern Dance in 1978 and followed with several more LPs before disbanding in 1982. Thomas reformed the group in 1987, continuing to record and tour. Describing their sound as "avant-garage," Pere Ubu's work drew inspiration from sources such as musique concrète, 60s rock, performance art, and the industrial environments of the American Midwest.While the band achieved little commercial success, they have exerted a wide influence on subsequent underground music.


Pere Ubu / David's Info http://www.ubuprojex.com/

DPK TV http://www.ubuprojex.com/dpk.html





https://pereubumusic.bandcamp.com/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/3V4FPipSnuYjtHnnAw9cZd?si=CbD2AfJwRH2IT7G29Y7l3g

Pete Francis

Pete Francis

May 12, 2021

Zig At The Gig with Pete Francis formerly of Dispatch interview 2021


Pete Francis is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In 1995, he founded the band Dispatch, who became the first ever independent band to sell out Madison Square Garden. They went on to tour through other major venues across the country, including Red Rocks, TD Garden, and The Greek Theaters in both San Francisco and LA. Over the course of their career, they have also brought their live show to audiences in Europe and Australia. Pete has released eight solo records and has toured with such diverse acts as Ziggy Marley, Blues Traveler, and G Love and Special Sauce. One of his favorite gigs was on stage in Sun Valley, Idaho shredding guitar riffs with Steve Miller on “Fly Like An Eagle.”


In the Spring of 2021, Pete will be releasing two new EPs, Humble Down and Sun Fuzz. This new work brings together Pete’s love for a broad range of musical styles. Humble Down is a record of self reflection and reveals his strong belief that love between two people should be simple, humble, and kind. On vocals he is joined by his wife, Katie. Their two voices and the stories they tell in these new songs have a heartfelt honesty and charm to them. Musically there are hints of Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Tom Waits, and John Lennon. On the track, Gimme Some Lovin’, guitar blues master, Duke Robillard, adds his beautiful tremolo rhythm guitar and a searing and a down right dirty solo that only Duke can pull off. Break out your tie dyes and bell bottoms then simply hit play on the Sun Fuzz EP.

On the title track you are swept into a funk exploratorium, a journey that feels like riding an electric wave into a multi-color sunset. The groove is infectious and the hook, “All the Lives that you’re living, all the love that you’re giving,” will be in your head as you drive to the beach. There are some great blues moments on the track “Love me in the Morning.” The song has a pumping and tight groove reminiscent of early Clapton. “Can’t Tame a Lion” is a nasty concoction of Hendrix in a blender with, White Stripes, and Blacks Keys. A distorted guitar mash-up of fuzz and friction.


These two new Pete Francis EPs offer moments of calm and pensive introspection as well as the feeling of strapping on a jet pack and ripping through the outer regions of of your imagination. As usual, Pete has assembled the best musicians in the New York area. Pete’s sound is the real deal. Like a homemade bowl of soup or a perfect glass of lemonade on a scorching hot day in July. In these songs you can hear his soul. The lyrics are fresh, the grooves are blessed. Humble Down and Sun Fuzz are original works of art - composed for people who care about the craft of music and words that have true meaning.


Pete will be co-teaching a songwriting class at Middlebury College for the Spring semester of 2021. Having a degree in English and Poetry at Middlebury, he is thrilled to share his expertise in the process of song creation and composition.


Pete's Info https://www.petefrancis.com/about https://www.petefrancis.com/music-1 https://open.spotify.com/artist/4i2YWHj4EYKYxQaG1qwRnY https://www.facebook.com/petefrancismusic/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXgyVdz4z6GHSxgPfcj2bhg

C-Level on Watt from Pedro Show

C-Level on Watt from Pedro Show

May 11, 2021

C-Level On the Watt from Pedro Show (Interview bits) 2021

Mike Watt Interviews Dave ( Ziggy D ) Ya host and Coda from C-Level

Here the whole radio broadcast here https://www.twfps.com/past-episodes/o...

Check out C-Level here 




Steve Almaas of Suicide Commandos, Beat Rodeo

Steve Almaas of Suicide Commandos, Beat Rodeo

May 5, 2021

Singer/songwriter Steve Almaas rose from New York City punk of the late '70s into a well-respected artist during the '80s and '90s. Almaas wasn't a part of the whole corporate scheme of things, having played in various bands during the decade of big-hair metal and warming synth pop. Born to Scandinavian parents who emigrated to Minnesota, Almaas' adolescent years were spent exploring the Minneapolis post-punk scene, making music with the Suicide Commandos long before the haven days of Hüsker Düthe Replacements, and Soul AsylumBeat Rodeo followed in the mid-'80s, shortly after his stint with the alt-country trio the CrackersBeat Rodeo scored a deal with I.R.S. and released Staying out Late with Beat Rodeo (1985) and Home in the Heart of the Beat (1986), as well as successfully touring across Europe and the U.S. A collaboration with George Usher resulted in the Gornack Brothers toward the end of the decade and a solo career for Almaas was about due. His gigs at the Ludlow Street Cafe in New York City allowed Almaas' tweaking rock to mold into his own creation. East River Blues marked his debut in 1993; Bridge Songs followed in 1995 and Human, All Too Human, which featured backing by the Ministers of Sound, was issued in 1998. However, his hometown still shared love for Almaas' original rock posse. In 1996, Minneapolis welcomed the Suicide Commandos in for one reunion show, where the group played to more than 10,000 people.



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Avery Mandeville of Little Hag

Avery Mandeville of Little Hag

April 28, 2021
Interview with Avery Mandeville of Little Hag.
This was a great conversation , but due to file corruption the audio isn't 100% . Don't let that steer you away because this was a very inspiring conversation!!
Little Hag, the artist formerly known as Avery Mandeville, was conceived in a New Jersey basement and born again in quarantine. Under the Mandeville mantle she released a number of EPs and put many miles on other people’s vans touring the US. What started as a sarcastic Instagram handle (@littlehag) slowly became serious and somehow a small, vulgar crone took over all of Avery’s social media accounts. Signed by Bar/None Records just as everything was shutting down, Little Hag emerged with “Tetris”, a 2:17 slice of pure pop pugnaciousness with a bummer end of summer vibe. “Tetris” was written in the dog days of quarantine, where you still can’t legally kiss anybody but at least you can get a sunburn. The truth is blistering, as she whimpers: “Everyone wants to fuck me / No one wants to see me cry”. The song is as confident as it is pathetic, a glimpse at a sane and totally chill person who lives to be tormented by things they can’t change. Following this release is a compilation of older tracks titled “Whatever Happened to Avery Jane?” The album chronicles Mandeville’s many pleasures and pains, from insulting your ex to calling out your abuser. She’s a songwriter with a penchant for brutal honesty, imagery, profanity, and the taboo. Many old men have said "I don't get it". In her previous incarnation she was named one of 8 New Jersey musicians you need to know by the Asbury Park Press and the #5 Best album of 2018 by NJ.com. Passion of the Weiss calls Little Hag “…a thrilling songwriter, untethered from time and place, sending DMs and shade, not greetings, from Asbury Park.” Little Hag is Avery on guitar and complaining, Matt Fernicola on guitar, Owen Flanagan on drums, Chris Dubrow on bass, and Noah Rauchwerk on keys and emotional support.
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Dustin Galish of Tree No Leaves

Dustin Galish of Tree No Leaves

April 21, 2021

Zig At The Gig With Dustin Galish of Tree No Leaves

Based in Bowling Green, OH, Tree No Leaves is a quintet that flows between genres and eras of psychedelic rock and soul. Dustin Galish Joins Zig to talk about Tree No Leave's new album Eyes of Xylem which is a multi media release including music, comic, and film. follow link for more info.


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