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Greg Franco of Man’s Body

Greg Franco of Man’s Body

May 18, 2022

Greg Franco of Man's Body on Zig At The Gig

Interview with Greg Franco about his career, writing habits, and Man's Body's new album Set Of Steak Knifes

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Mark Stewart Of The Pop Group

Mark Stewart Of The Pop Group

May 11, 2022

Mark Stewart is an artist, vocalist, producer and songwriter from Bristol. As a founding member of The Pop Group and as a soloist, Stewart has remained an anarchic and pioneering figure since the punk era, a constant source of discordance amongst the frontiers of post-punk, dub, industrial and electronic music. In a body of work driven by an explosive form of lyricism and inspired by radical politics, protest movements, theory, philosophy, technology, art and poetry, Stewart has fearlessly cultivated a revelatory collision of ideas, ideals and influences throughout an indisputably ground-breaking and seditious career. Empowered by the DIY incentives of punk Stewart initiated The Pop Group in 1977, subsequently producing some of the most original and combative music of both the post-punk and contemporary era. From 1977 until 1980 Stewart led the charge in a group that completely eschewed punk’s formalism for something far greater. Producing epiphanic, irrepressible anthems, including She’s Beyond Good & Evil and We Are All Prostitutes, both in 1979, as well as masterful, seminal albums including Y in 1979 and For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? in 1980, The Pop Group ignited the revolutionary aesthetic potential of post-punk. The impact of this first incarnation left an immensely significant legacy ultimately leading to the group’s reformation in 2010. With 2015’s refined return Citizen Zombie and 2016’s audacious left-turn Honeymoon On Mars, the group emphatically renewed their relevance, proving as incendiary as ever. Stewart continues to operate as a crucial impetus in the bands ongoing mission. In 1980 Stewart embarked on his solo career inspired by the sounds he had heard during a visit to New York the same year. The virtuosic scratching and early hip hop propagated by Kiss FM’s Kool DJ Red Alert, coupled with the impact of a pile driver at a construction site Stewart happened to encounter there, was enough to encourage his visionary next step. In 1982 Stewart consolidated these encounters into coherent possibilities, forming a group called The Maffia and linking up with producer Adrian Sherwood and his cutting edge label On-U Sound. Alongside a rotating cast of session players, initially comprised of members of African Head Charge, Creation Rebel & Dub Syndicate, and later made up of Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc and Skip McDonald (the erstwhile rhythm section of The Sugarhill Gang) Stewart & The Maffia fashioned an abrasive confection of dub reggae, early hip hop and industrial noise that was shattering, seismic and completely ahead of its time. Headed by an iconic version of William Blake’s eponymous ancient poem, Stewart & The Maffia unveiled the Jerusalem EP in 1982, swiftly followed by their cult 1983 LP Learning To Cope With Cowardice. Stewart later moved to Mute Records in 1985 for the ferocious proto-industrial militancy of As The Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade and successive appearances on the label continued to break untold new ground, from 1987’s Mark Stewart to 1990’s Metatron and 1995’s Control Data. Stewart has continued to plot an utterly uncompromising and individual course into the 2000s, with a streak of solo material that has included Edit, The Politics of Envy, The Exorcism of Envy and Experiments. Preserving his vociferous energy and defiant stance whilst advancing, as always, into unfamiliar territories, this work bears all the traces of Stewart’s enduring severity and modernism, an exploratory power reinforced by a host of legendary collaborators and artistic descendants including the likes of Primal Scream, Keith Levene (Public Image Ltd / The Clash), Richard Hell, Kenneth Anger, Daddy G (Massive Attack), Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The Bug, Kahn (Kahn & Neek, Young Echo) and Factory Floor. Stewart continues to exert an inestimable impact on a disparate range of ensuing artists and scenes. His work has been acknowledged and celebrated as a vital inspiration by the likes of Nick Cave, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Tricky, Massive Attack, St Vincent and countless others, while his eye for unorthodox extremity has instigated myriad new evolutions, blueprinting industrial, trip-hop, noise-hop, dance-punk and many other subsequent conceptions. Through a staunch, unrelenting desire to confront, deconstruct and make anew, Stewart has become of the most influential and forward-looking luminaries of post-punk, or indeed, any other form of music. An artist often imitated but never bettered.

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Matt Pless

Matt Pless

May 4, 2022

Matt Pless interview 2022

Combining elements of folk, punk, pop, and rock, Matt Pless can lyrically turn a phrase with the best of them and has been compared to some of the preeminent songwriters of our time. A consummate performer with a high-energy stage presence, Matt Pless travels the road continuously entertaining and astounding his audiences.

With guitar and harmonica as his tools of choice and words as his main characters, he has shared the stage with the likes of Maroon 5, Rilo Kiley, Alkaline Trio, Arlo Guthrie, Bad Brains, Fallout Boy, All Time Low and others.

Matt’s extensive touring schedule has taken him to Europe, and across the U.S. multiple times playing venues from bars to boxcars and basements and everything in between...wherever there are people to hear his music.

And almost anyone can relate to a Matt Pless song. His unique gift for writing lyrics and melodies that appeal to the core of the human condition is, like Matt himself, an experience.

Check out Matt's New album Cheap Shot On The Rocks links below

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Kevin Eastman Part 3 Return of The Ronin !

Kevin Eastman Part 3 Return of The Ronin !

April 27, 2022

Interview with Kevin Eastman Co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Kevin Eastman is an American Comic book artist and writer best known for co-creating Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles with Peter Laird. Eastman was also the editor and publisher of the magazine Heavy Metal! Kevin started his own publishing company Tundra Publishing, and so much more!

More from Kevin Eastman


Check it out!!

Kevin has turtle auctions all the time. During these auctions, he is selling old and rare turtle memorabilia!

Last Ronin Issue 5 out now!



Dana Colley of Morphine, and Vapors of Morphine

Dana Colley of Morphine, and Vapors of Morphine

April 20, 2022

Dana Colley is an American musician, best known as the baritone and tenor saxophonist the alternative rock band Morphine.

Dana's current band is Vapors of Morphine

Vapors of Morphine are a power trio featuring electric baritone sax, drums, and 2 string slide bass (often guitar). Baritone saxophonist Dana Colley is the through-line between Vapors and “low rock” pioneers Morphine, who’s leader Mark Sandman left this earth while performing onstage in Italy in 1999.

VoM performs much of the Morphine repertoire, plus new material and original versions of selective covers. They expand on the ethereal, hypnotic sounds popularized by the group in the nineties, and dig into their influences, from African music to delta Blues.

apors was formed over a decade ago by Colley, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Lyons and Morphine’s original drummer Jerome Deupree. Drummer Tom Arey (J. Geils Band, Peter Wolfe’s Midnight Ramblers, Ghosts of Jupiter) replaced Deupree in 2019. Their new album represents both a new era and a return to form for Vapors of Morphine.

Fear & Fantasy, in its often lush arrangement, recalls Morphine’s final album The Night, where Deupree teamed up with Billy Conway, the drummer who had replaced him; this time Arey plays on one side, Deupree on the other. It only seems fitting when both bands have been blessed with a revolving cast of top-notch percussionists. 


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Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye

April 13, 2022

Ian MacKaye

is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer. Active since 1979, he is best known as the co-founder and owner of Dischord Records a Washington D.C -based independent record label, and the frontman of hardcore punk band Minor Threat and post-hardcore and Fugazi. MacKaye was also the frontman for the short-lived bands The Teen Idles, Embrace, and Pailhead a collaboration with the band Ministry. MacKaye is a member of The Evens a two-piece Indie rock group he formed with his wife Amy Farina in 2001 and in 2018 formed the band Coriky with Farina and his Fugazi bandmate

Joe Lally Link to my conversation with Joe here ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVLXvMcOYUY&t=12s)

Along with his seminal band Minor Threat, he is credited with coining the term "Stright edge "to describe a personal philosophy that promotes abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, though MacKaye has stated that he did not intend to turn it into a movement.



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Richie Ramone

Richie Ramone

April 6, 2022

Richie Ramone On Zig At The Gig INTERVIEW 2022

Richard Reinhardt is an American drummer best known by his stage name Richie Ramone, and for being the drummer for the punk band the Ramones, from February 1983 until August 1987. He was the only Ramones drummer to be credited as the sole composer and writer of a Ramone's song, writing six in total!

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Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

March 30, 2022

Join me for a conversation with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as he gathers tour rations at a Walmart!

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is an American guitarist best known for his material with the horror punk band The Misfits and his own band eponymously named Doyle!

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Endless Mike and the Beagle Club

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club

March 23, 2022

Endless Mike and the Beagle Club is best described as “a singer-songwriter with a very loud punk rock band.”

First formed in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 2004, the Beagle Club quickly grew from being a solo project to becoming a full blown indie/punk orchestra. At times, band leader Mike Miller performs solo on piano or guitar, while other shows might find him with a band of up to sixteen members – complete with strings, horns, drums, electric guitars, and percussion. No matter the arrangements, Miller’s lyrics remain the focal point, with songs about the significance of the insignificant, the alienation of modern man, and the hope that everything can change. The live shows are inclusive and upbeat, guided by the idea that if we’re all in the same sinking boat, we might as well go down singing.

The band's most recent release is “Saint Paul,” their first album for Pittsburgh’s A-F Records. The album deals with realities about growing up, issues of identity and sense of self, and the challenge of trying to make the world a better place. Produced by Anti-Flag’s Chris “#2” Barker, “Saint Paul” showcases the intricate structure of the band’s arrangements while still capturing the urgency of their live show.











Mike T. Lewis and MaryBeth Zame of The Twangtown Paramours

Mike T. Lewis and MaryBeth Zame of The Twangtown Paramours

March 16, 2022

Nashville-based husband-and-wife duo Mike T. Lewis and MaryBeth Zamer, known on stage as The Twangtown Paramours, have made a name for themselves defying boundaries with their award-winning catalogue of Americana, folk, and blues anthems. With a slew of accolades for their first two acoustic full-length albums, they’ve earned a loyal following, balancing serious instrumental and vocal chops with witty stage banter and a lighthearted approach to life. They don’t take themselves, or the world, too seriously. Now poised to release their third full-length album, Double Down on a Bad Thing,

The Twangtown Paramours are shifting gears to showcase a full band, electric, groove-oriented, upbeat, soul-infused, and retro blues sound. “We want people to have fun, to cheer up, to dance, and to start sporting a positive attitude, dammit,” says Mike. Hit songwriter, session musician, and producer Mike Lewis was born in NYC, but his sound is informed by a mix of experiences across the country’s major music centers, including NYC, L.A., Austin, and Nashville. He began learning classical and jazz guitar at age eight, studying under Leonid Bolotine, William Matthews, and Barry Galbraith, before earning degrees at Columbia in New York City and the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles. He wrote a #1 platinum pop hit ranked the 2nd biggest-selling female ballad of all time in Korea, and occasionally plays upright bass for Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Born in Washington D.C., lead singer MaryBeth Zamer was raised on a mix of opera and American songbook music, singing along to Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald, before discovering Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, and the blues in high school. A fixture in the Washington, D.C. club scene for years, MaryBeth performed with popular local cover band, Ignition and sang backup vocals for Eva Cassidy’s band, Method Actor. “Eva was a huge influence on my singing style,” MaryBeth says. “She taught me to go beyond having fun and hitting the right notes, to sing in a way that conveys real emotion.” MaryBeth and Mike met and started dating in 2009, while both were working on separate musical projects. “The relationship came first,” says MaryBeth, “but I kept hearing songs he’d written that I loved, and I wanted to add my own vocal spin to them. I felt like I could interpret and deliver Mike’s songs the way he intended them to be.” The Twangtown Paramours released their debut self-titled album via Inside Edge Records just a year later in 2010, a well-received, pop-infused folk album that rose to #11 on the Folk charts. In 2012, they released their second full-length project, The Promise of Friday Night, a narrative-driven, acoustic folk album that hit #2 on the Folk charts, #150 on the Americana charts, and #7 on Deep Roots Magazine’s top 50 albums of 2012. In the following years, the pair became three-time finalists at the Kerrville New Folk Competition in Kerrville, TX and winners of the Wildflower Contest in Richardson, TX. They also had the honor to open for major acts such as Joe Ely, Claire Lynch, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

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